Free Prepaid Cell Phones

Free Prepaid Cell Phones
Free Prepaid Cell Phones
Free Prepaid Cell Phones
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Today cell phones have become a major part of our daily outfit. Some people actually feel vulnerable when they step out of the house and do not have their cell phones on them.
People use it for all sorts of functions and it is just invaluable.

As cell phones are becoming more and more expensive, especially with the monthly plan, phone service providers have devised a sort of win win situation to target those who cannot afford to stay on a plan nor have the credit rating to qualify for a plan with a phone company, but can afford to pay for their phone talk time as the need arises.

So, the idea of prepaid cell phone is a welcome idea.  And more over there is no credit check and you are not bound by a contract. When shopping for a phone, there are many options out there and it is important to do your research before you venture out there. Below are some types of prepaid cell phones to get you thinking on which one to get.

Types of prepaid cell phones

The pioneer of prepaid cell phone in the US was Virgin Mobile, but today almost every phone company provides one sort of prepaid service or the other.

Even with prepaid cell phones there are still different types. Some are disposable prepaid cell phones and some are phones you buy and add minutes to as you go along, that is a pay as you go plan. They sell minutes increments of $10, $25, and $50. Some charge you when you receive calls and when you make calls, while some will only charge you when you receive calls. It even gets better, for some providers the minutes you load onto your phone have a specific time for you to use them otherwise they will expire and you will lose them. So, when choosing a prepaid phone make sure you are clear on what they offer.

What to look for in a phone

The price:When you decide to purchase a prepaid cell phone, consider your calling needs very carefully. A prepaid phone is excellent for occasional use. People go for prepaid phones for a host of reasons, some see it as a way to control their spending and get off phones with a plan, while some people use it just for emergencies. If you are thinking of getting it as a way to save money, do the math and make sure you actually save money with prepaid phone. Sometimes it is more expensive to own a prepaid phone.

Portability: Look at the size of the phone you are getting. Today, most phones are sleek and light and very portable. But, check out the design and see if it’s what you like. There are several designs out there, you have flip phones and touch screen phones, so go for the one you like, that will be potable for you to carry around.

Application Requirements: Make sure that the phone has the features you use all the time. Feature like cameras, address books, scheduling, email capability and ability to surf the web are features that are available on most phones. Others also come with the capability of usage as a modem to run your laptop. So make sure that the phone you get has all the features you want.

Battery Life: This is a huge one for anybody that owns a mobile device. Always make sure that the battery life matches what you are looking for and will provide you the juice you need for all your activities, especially if you are on the road most of the time. Some cell phones are capable of giving you only 3 hours of talk time while others can give you up to 6 or more hours of talk time.

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