Absolutely free cell phone

Absolutely free cell phone
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Absolutely free cell phone
by Free Prepaid Editor
Today is your lucky day. As they say nothing in life is free, but when you pay only 1 cent, that should equal free for a smart phone.  When things are free and sounds too good tobe true, in most cases it is.
But, you can get the Motorola Atrix 4G Android Phone for 1 cent, but, you would have to sign up for  a wireless plan through AT&T.

The Motorola android phone is a powerful smartphone that offers a 1 GZ dual core processor and the ability to connect to ATT’s ultra fast 4G mobile broadband network.

It is powered by the Android platform 2.2 platform with the very likeable Motorola webtop application. This offers a PC like experience you are already used to.
What re owners of this absolutely free cell phone saying about it?

You won't ever look back. March 16, 2011
Reviewer:  D.
A bit of context, just so you know where I'm coming from on this...

1.FAST. Insane fast. The responsiveness of this phone is like nothing I've seen before - there is no noticeable delay in using any of the UI menus or features.

2. The screen is enormous, vivid, and crisp - almost on par with a PC monitor.

3. All the I/O ports you need: micro USB, stereo miniplug, and mini HDMI. (And it comes with a free mini HDMI to HDMI cable, so you can plug it right into your TV or home theater receiver)

4. DLNA is fantastic - I never considered how useful it would be on a phone until I saw it in the apps menu. Access all your Windows 7 shared libraries, media on your Xbox 360, or shared media on any other DLNA-enabled device on your network. Transferring files from your computer to your phone is as easy a tapping a few icons - no cables required, and transfer speeds are quick - ballpark, I'd say it was around 1 MB/s.

5. Voice recognition is excellent. For the first time, speaking a text message is actually faster and easier than typing it in. Accuracy is good, and my only complaint so far is that it automatically censors swear words. Which is bull****.

6. Very light for its size.

7. Front-facing camera and rear camera with a bright LED flash.

8. Six input buttons: Volume up/down, menu, home, back, and search (search was a new one for me)

9. The usual bonuses that come with buying non-Apple phones: you can take the battery out if it freezes or you keep a spare; microSD port allows you to expand your storage space up to 48GB; you can load and play DRM-free media without using any apps or programs; reasonable replacement plans for theft, damage, or loss; standard micro-USB charge port, so if you can buy cheap spare charging cables in the wall socket, at your office, in your car, etc.

10. And, of course, the flexibility that the Android homescreen offers for widgets, shortcuts, and everything in between. The phone's processor handles it all with exceptional speed - I filled the home screen with every widget on the phone, just to put the phone through its paces, and screen-to-screen transitions were as smooth as ever.

I bought this phone because I wanted something faster. I got all that and more. If you've already got one of the newer iPhones or a newer, higher-end Android device and you're satisfied with it, you can probably wait until next year's crop of superstar phones come out - there may not be enough of a difference to justify the price.

There you have it. This is a well liked phone. To get your hands on this android phone click on Absolutely free cell phones
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